about the artist


Madeline started her art career as a little girl selling comics to her family members for 25 cents. 

No one told her to stop, so today, she has an art studio at The Cheshire Union. Here she teaches workshops and manages the gift shop, gallery and classroom.

Madeline received her BFA at Nazareth College in 2018 and has since worked for several individual artists and organizations such as Albert Paley, Laura Wilder, The New York State Summer School of the Arts, The Print Club of Rochester and The Ontario County Arts Council.

Artist Statement:

Painting is my futile attempt at organizing awe. I try to hold everything in the world on the canvas. The two dimensional surface is the perfect delusional container for projecting thoughts and feelings. I find connections while I work, usually deeply personal and usually about other people. Ideally when the painting is done, meaning does not concern me, but the viewer may wish to collaborate on it.

My primary mediums are oils, traditional printmaking and mixed media.

I work en plein air (on location) and in the studio. Thanks to the generous donation of a stranger, I have a travel etching press which I use for plein air printmaking. 

Whenever possible, I like to use up all my scraps. For example, when printmaking I save the prints I don't like, blend them up and make new paper to print on again. The miniatures I’ve painted or printed are made from the trimmings of larger papers.

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